Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY Button Photo frame

I have fallen in love. with CRAFTS! I take an interest in every type and style of craft. This is awesome because I am learning a TON of new things!! Also dangerous... I should have bought stock in Joanns or Lowes...

The next few posts will all revolve around things that I have been working on over the last few months. This first one being a photo frame. Hope you enjoy!

Things you will need:
A photo frame (make sure it has somewhat of a actual FRAME, not too thin, so the buttons stay on)
Hot glue gun and extra glue

I recently 'inherited' an enormous amount of buttons! I mean a TON of buttons!! My husbands grandmother has been saving buttons off of every piece of clothing, furniture etc.. since way before I existed... Probably 60-70 years or so... So she had about every kind and color imaginable! I was anxious to do something with them, so this is what I decided on.

It's really simple actually, all I did was place the buttons on in an order (or lack thereof) that I liked and then hot glued them in place. An easy project for you all you new crafters! :)

I kind of did a layered bunch of buttons in the bottom right hand corner to kind of 'anchor' it. I like how it gave it some weight.

Not the greatest pictures, but this is what it looked like finished. :)

I put it on the piano to see how it looked.

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