Thursday, April 17, 2014

Party Planning!

Baby O is going to be 1 this August and I'm trying to get some ideas around for his birthday party! Just a little bit in advance... Haha

For my now 3 year olds first birthday, we did Dr. Seuss! It was very well thought out party and was so cute if I may say so myself ;).

So-- for my baby boy-- any suggestions?? 

Thanks all! :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pillowcase dresses

So i decided the other day that I wanted to make pillowcase dresses. Two to be exact. One of my good friends has two little girls who love to dress up And wear dresses. AND I have two beautiful pillowcases that have been in my fabric bin because  I don't think I would ever use them on my bed... I promised myself I would never have a floral/flowery comforter set for my husbands sake. Haha. So.... I opted for paisley instead! Not girly at all huh!! :)

So anyway i have these pillowcases and have been wanting to make dresses. You know, to try my hand at them!..........
So I bought this really pretty pink satin ruffle ribbon for the straps. If it turns out, it will be really really cute!! Note the "if"...

Has anyone out there made these before?? Any tips?? Suggestions?? Warnings??