Sunday, August 4, 2013

Getting close!

We are 2 weeks out from Owen's due date! Trying to get the last few details wrapped up before he comes. You know, like packing a hospital bag... Nothing like last minute :) Excited to have my mom, sister, and in-laws coming up in a few weeks too! I've also been in a 'freeze things' mood. Cookies, dinners, etc. Cookies however, is on the top of the priority list. Very important.

I don't know if it's because this time around because of having a 2 year old, or because it's summer, but I find myself WAY more exhausted and emotional! Tearing up about everything! Hormones...goodness... Thankful each day it gets closer to our due date so I can get back to 'normal' in any rare-ness that that is going to happen. I know it will be a new normal, but I've got to at least go through fewer tissues!

Well happy Sunday, everyone! I hope this finds you well.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Inconsistent. That's what this blog is and that's how I feel sometimes! Instead of catching everyone up on the past year, I'll just dive in to where I am today. How's that for an intro? :)

I am due with our 2nd child, Owen Michael, on August 22, 2013. Just 5 short weeks away! We are beyond thrilled and making to-do lists like crazy. I'll have to take a picture of's pretty insane.

Carter will be 27 months (2...) when Owen gets here. I am quite excited to see how he will react to having a new little person around the house!

It has been ranging in the 90's here in upstate New York. So... Carter and I have been basking in the...air conditioning. Most of the time. Except those times that I get brave enough to go to the pool. We are enjoying summer and it's nice to have something (er...someone) to look forward to at the end of a fun, busy season.

DIY projects I'm working on currently: (or should start soon)

  • Nursing cover. I had an AWESOME one given to me when I had Carter but I have exhausted it. So I'm going to use that one as a pattern and re-do it for new baby. "Should be" pretty easy...
  • Crib bumper. Same story, except it's not exactly worn out. Just doesn't go with the room anymore. We are doing a cars 'theme'. (in all reality, we will have 2 boys, the oldest of which is obsessed with cars, so we have an overabundance and decided to call it a 'theme'. Whatever works.) So I'm looking for coordinating colors to go with the room.
  • Garden! I'm attempting my first raised bed salsa garden! We've had so much rain, that I haven't had to water much! PLUS! But, my tomatoes are pretty small because of all the rain and not much sun. Not plus. However- I am super thrilled to harvest all my goodies at the end of the season! 
  • powder Laundry detergent. I made a batch a while back (actually my 2nd batch) But am running low and with a new baby coming....I'll need more. 
We are definitely keeping busy! Mark is busy at work and also has been taking on some graphic design jobs on the side for clients. Nice extra income=late hours...  

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer! Keep hydrated and don't stress if the dishes are still in the sink. (I'm talking to myself here... ;) )

Happy July!