Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chili Cook off

I love food. (you probably didn't know that)
I love all kinds of food.
I LOVE making food!
All kinds of food.
My favorite is desserts.
Bread, pizza, pasta and soup are close.
And chili is soup.
Just thicker.
And more......thick.
Do you ever wonder why it's called 'chili'.
It's hot. Not chilled.
Chilled chili would be SO nasty. Am I right?!
So why?!? Why is it called chili???
Suggestions cheerfully accepted. :)

There will be four warm thick soup like dishes at this cook off.
I am making my white chicken chili.
 I have made this quite a few times, each time it's different, and each time I LOVE it.
I'm hoping my small group does as well!
I doubled the recipe today and it filled my entire crockpot!!!

Well- wish me luck.
I'll take have my hubby take pictures.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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